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  • Author 

  • International Fashion Model 

  • Entrepreneur

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Cancer Survivor

  • Ostomy Advocate

  • Mentor


My Documentary
"Pieces Of Me"

I am more than my ostomy!
Live, be, & do because YOU CAN

Traveled Globally to South Africa

"Different to Make a Difference"


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Image by Mitchell Luo

It was such an honor to share on Tamron Hall Show 


Her chemotherapy and radiation treatments began at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Because of this rare type of cancer, Jearlean's childhood included several reconstructive surgeries, lengthy hospital stays, and on-going medical circumstances.




Nicole Brumfield

Jearlean Taylor is the face of hope, love and inspiration to our youth. She is living her dreams out loud unapologetically.  She is walking in her power and she refuses to allow fear to back her into a corner.  Jearlean is giving our youth front row seats of her life to see that dreams come true and most importantly to embrace who you are. Be unique, embrace your flaws and change the world. Be different and let the world see your beauty.

Leandrea Gilliam

Jearlean is a true inspiration. Cancer survivor for over 50 years and despite what she has to deal with daily, it NEVER stopped her from making her dream as a professional model true.


Living with ostomy bags and being a model is an oxymoron yet she never compromised her belief in Jesus Christ and all that entails as a believer and leader in the faith, her self-worth, integrity nor her confidence in herself and her ability to RIP the runway. In fact, it caused her to start her own company so she could teach those characteristics to others so they can see and know that no matter what life brings their way, it doesn't have to stop them from pursuing their own dreams.

Gwen Hendricks

Never did I doubt that you would be somewhere high in your calling, always knew God had his hands on you. So glad you are allowing others to see the Great works God has done and continues to do. Continue with the flow of blessings in your life to bless others.

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