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Pieces of Me


Pieces of Me
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“Pieces of Me” documentary is my journey as a difference maker. I am a Christian, cancer survivor, double ostomate, fashion model, author, mentor, and entrepreneur. Before those “titles” I thought my life would be filled with uncertainness of my future. So I thought!


You will hear from family, friends, and my mentors about their experiences with my journey as overcomer. Additional, hear my vulnerable thoughts, conversation leading to transparency, and openness of my struggles and insecurities. My pain has turned into my purpose. I believe every season serves a purpose. And for me that is to help shape the lives around me through my story/testimony. I am blessed and thankful for those “pieces of me” that helps bring inspiration and motivation to others.


The pieces of me is not all put together and I am fine with that because God has all the pieces to my puzzle. He does not have to figure it out, he places them exactly where they should go. Every part of me, loves every “piece” God has created in me. He does know the plans for me; to prosper, not harm, bring hope, and a good future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

I am “Different to Make a Difference”

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